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White Washed Wood
REMAX Professionals North - Primary Logo - Full Colour - RBG.png
- A team of 2 provides dependable and reliable service for our clients.
- We each bring a fresh outlook and differing experiences combined in a non-familial                 relationship. We don't HAVE to work together, we CHOOSE to work together.
- Our excellent track record, strong performance, and confident attitude combine to win         listings whenever we have been asked to present our marketing strategy.
- Progressive thinking with fresh innovative ideas we'd like to tell you about.
   Contact us to find out more!
- A solid understanding & utilization of the internet system via has been an                integral part of the change in mindset from print to internet advertising.
   We know how to get the most out of this system.
- We are attentive to clients wants & needs in a professional yet easy going atmosphere.
   No high pressure tactics just efficient use of everyone's valuable time.

Choose Ken & Jenn
to Buy or Sell

Get TWO Minds

for the Price of ONE!!!

A team of two allows for a prompt, effective response to your inquiries or needs, better availability for showings & distinct perspectives in approaching various tasks & problem solving. In reality, two heads are better than one. Ken & Jenn have established themselves as energetic professionals with a commendable & award winning track record. Call us today & see why we're #1 with our satisfied clients!

Celebrating our 18th Year of a Successful Partnership!

Whether you're looking to buy or sell Muskoka Real Estate, Ken Banks & Jenn Lever have the skills & experience to get the job done!

White Washed Wood

I can't thank you enough for everything you did for me in selling my house and finding me my new home.  You have gone way above board in answering any questions I had. You helped me understand the real estate market and you were there with advice when it came time to negotiate the sale.  Even after I closed on my new home, you were there when I needed help in getting an inspector for the septic tank!  I can't tell you how much I've appreciated everything your team has done for me. Thank you ever so much.

- Joanna

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